Beltag WTP Stone Laying ceremony

Governor of Al Gharbia laid the foundation stone for the construction and operation of Beltag WWTP project with a total cost of 200 million EGP.

General Engineer Hesham Said – Governor of Gharbia together with Engineer Mamdouh Raslan – Chairman of Holding Company for Drinking Water and Wastewater, laid the foundation stone for the project of constructing a sewage treatment plant in the village of Beltag on an area of 2.5 acres at a cost of 200 million EGP seving 25,000 residents of the village of Beltag and the village of Mesir.

In the presence of the European delegation from the Water and Sanitation Improvement Program (IWSP), EMIT Group - CONSTEC representative provide a brief presentation about the project, and the current construction status, assuring that the project is following the set time schedule and works shall be completed as expected on time.

This project is part of 40 projects in Al Gharbia Governorate, which are being developed by the IWSP Program for the Improvement of Drinking Water and Wastewater, that shall be completed by 2020.”


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